BBQ of the Month Club - 6 Month Subscription

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6 Months of BBQ await you or whoever is lucky enough to know you!

Keep all the favorites in your life happy for an entire half a year. Food is the language of love, so let em know you love them and want only the best for them.

It's all perfectly cooked to perfection, so all they need to do is reheat and eat!

We've never seen someone open this box with a frown.

We'll send you a mix of BBQ and smoked meats every month for 6 months.

Here's what you get:

  • Month 1: 2 racks of Memphis ribs, 1 bottle of BBQ sauce 1 pound of applewood smoked bacon. 
  • Month 2: 2 pounds of brisket, 1 pound of pulled pork, extra BBQ sauce
  • Month 3: 2 racks of Texas or Key West ribs (seasonal), extra sauce, plus pulled chicken
  • Month 4: 2 pounds of assorted sausages, plus 2 pounds of bacon
  • Month 5: 2 racks of baby back ribs -- assorted styles, plus seasonal sauce, and rub
  • Month 6: 2 pounds of pulled pork, 1 pound of pulled chicken, bacon jam

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