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A BIG piggy welcome then!  We love to welcome new people into our family of ‘que lovers and we’re so glad you decided to give us a try.   We started this company as a labor of love and we think all the extra work we put into sourcing all natural ingredients and cooking them the right way shows in the way customers continue to come back to us again and again for more BBQ. Anyways, enough about us.  Let’s get you some BBQ! A couple of instructions to get going on your orders… 100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Maroon 1.  Put whatever you ordered with us into your cart! Your options include: 2. Press “checkout” at the top right of your screen 3. Enter in the discount code you received  into “apply discount code” box.  Be gentle, its case sensitive. 4. Checkout as usual with shipping info, gift messages, arrival dates and any other details you think we should have. 5.  All you need to do is pay a flat rate for shipping and we’ll get started on your order! ** please note that in your deal shipping and processing time was stated to be 1-2 weeks.  We will try and accommodate earlier requests, but from time to time it may take that long.  We appreciate your understanding and compassion. You might have some questions, so check out our  Shipping Policy and FAQ pages for extra info on how we ship, allergen info, and more. If this is a gift, you can let them know what fun they’re in for right now by downloading our PDF gift attachment and e-mailing it to them or printing it out. Hurry up now…. the faster you get done, the faster this will be at your door….   Don’t forget to sign up for more savings every week by e-mail only!
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Feel free to call us during business hours (310) 737-8431 or e-mail if you have any issues, questions, or concerns.  

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