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Pig of the Month BBQ

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Wholesale BBQ Sauces and Meats

BBQ Sauce and Meats Wholesale

Why carry Pig of the Month? Because, like your business, our products are unique and have the best quality ingredients we can find — rare for a barbecue company, but the way it should be none the less. Plus, we stand behind you 100%, with a generous sampling policy (one free jar/case), free demo kits,  free Point-of-Purchase (POP) materials, and  free full color, professionally designed marketing materials . In addition, you can run specials on our line in your store and we’ll help pay for it just ask for details! If you own a store and want to carry our sauces and/or meats check out our  Vendor Application If you’re a big ‘ole fan of Pig of the Month and want to see our products in a store near you, check out our Store Referral page.  We make it easy for you to get our sauces in a store near you!! You can also ORDER BBQ SAUCES WHOLESALE ONLINE AT BBF Fax back to 937-274-7775 or E-mail: orders@pigofthemonth.com   Our easy, simple sampling program & free demo kit Sampling is easy with Pig of the Month. For every 12-pack case you purchase through our wholesale program, you can use 1 jar free for sampling.  This jar is credited back to you on your next order. We’ll even help you keep track of your credits for reorders. We also offer a free demo kit. This includes complete POP, recipe ideas, and instructions on running a demo. The demo kit is $15, but that $15 is refunded on your next order. Current specials and pricing To get current pricing and specials, please e-mail us at orders@pigofthemonth.com . We’ll be glad to get you a current order form, current specials, and other information about Pig of the Month. Wholesale pallet program get lower prices and free freight! If you have the ability to move some volume (as few as 35 cases mixed between lines), you can get a discounted price and free freight on your order. More information is available on request. Free Point-of-Purchase information We have available the following; to get any of these items for any of our lines FREE for your store, simply e-mail or call us at (310) 737-8431 and ask for Lea.  

Retail Sales

Retail Sales & Grocery Opportunities

Pig of the Month BBQ sauces and frozen food items are available in select grocery and specialty retail outlets throughout the country. We are always ready to discuss potential new wholesale relationships with qualified organizations. We welcome innovative marketing suggestions from any venue wishing to represent our products and compatible with our standards of quality and presentation. Such organizations may include:
  • Gourmet Stores
  • Premium Grocery Stores
  • Specialty Food Shops
  • Delis
  • Internet and Catalog Food Retailers
  • Airport Shops
  • Hotel Gift Shops
  • Country clubs
  • Restaurants wishing to serve barbecue without the hassle
  • Stadiums
  • Local lodges and cafeterias

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